Nokia Lumia 610 Review

Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610 are the cheapest windows phone 7.5 mango from nokia, its cheaper than nokia lumia 800 and nokia lumia 710. And today we’re going to find out the performance of this windows-powered phone.


Unlike nokia lumia 710 which looks very obvious are using plastic materials, nokia lumia 610 are using combination of metal and plastic materials.

On the edges side it uses metal materials, while on the back it uses a glossy plastic materials which is looks very elegant.

Same as other nokia lumia, the lumia 610 also equip with three main button, that is the back button, home button, and search button.


The screen resolution of nokia lumia 610 are 480 x 800 pixels (3.7 inches). And the pixel density are 252 ppi capable of output 16 million colour.

Nokia lumia 610 are using capacitive multi touch display screen, this screen already equip with corning gorilla glass for protections from scratch.

The touch screen of nokia lumia 610 are very responsive. It’s very comfortable when we type input, navigate between menus, and also do a pinch to zoom.


Nokia lumia 610 have the same camera resolution as nokia lumia 710 that is 5 mega pixels (2592 x 1944 pixels). You can adjust the ratio of this camera between 4:3 or 16:9 ratio.

The photo quality of this camera are quite good, the photo result are very sharp and have very low noise.

The camera of nokia lumia 610 also capable of recording HD video 720p at 30 frame per second. The video recording result also feels sharp and there’s no lag at all, the video are quite smooth.


For the hardware inside, nokia lumia 610 are using 800 mhz single core CPU, 256 Mb RAM and andreno 200 GPU.

Yes, the RAM is a bit small for today’s smartphones, but then again this is the cheapest lumia phone.

Although the hardware of nokia lumia 610 are not so powerful, but this doesn’t affect the performance of the phone. The windows 7.5 mango are running smoothly on this phone.


The windows 7.5 mango are performing quite well on nokia lumia 610. Inside you will get free application such as microsoft office mobile, microsoft one note, zune player, internet explore mobile, windows live, xbox live, nokia music.

Microsoft one note are integrated into SkyDrive and windows live account, you can access it online and continue editing your document from your phone, its a great feature.

Using the nokia music application you can play FM-radio, music, video, and podcast. You can either play the music streaming or download and then play it on the phone.

To browse the web you can use the internet explorer mobile, this browser already support HTML 5 and Bing search engine, but unfortunately this browser doesn’t support flash yet, so you cannot open web that contain flash.


Nokia lumia 610 are equip with built in GPS navigation system, it’s also support with nokia maps and nokia drive.

You can navigate using either nokia maps or nokia drive, the different between this two apps are with nokia drive you can view maps in 3D and also you can download the maps to view it offline.


Nokia lumia 610 is a great windows phone, if you bored with android or iphone, and you want something different, you wanna try windows phone, nokia lumia 610 could be the one to start.

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