Elephant Wooden Speaker SP-005 Review

Elephant Wooden Speaker SP-005 Review

Speaker is a must for every pc that we use. Without a speaker your personal computer won’t be perfect. The size of the speaker is also become consideration when you want to buy speaker for your PC. Elephant as one of the company that make speaker offer a solution to this.

The elephant wooden speaker SP-005 is a speaker with compact design, it has one subwoofer and two satellite. The size of the subwoofer is 113 x 147 mm while the satellite size is 68 x 71 x 108 mm. With the size i just describe you could imagine that this speaker is small and compact enough for your home and office use.

Although this elephant wooden speaker SP-005 has a very good design, the sound quality seems mediocre compare to other product. And also there isĀ  no bass control on this 2.1 speaker, only volume control.

To use this speaker all you have to do is connect the two satellite with the main subwoofer and then connect the subwoofer with your pc using the 3.5 mm audio port (all cables included when you buy this product).

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