Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG Review

Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG Review

Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG is a notebook with unique design, it has plastic coloured material. Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG also has transparent plastic material on the back of the LCD panel and palm rest area, so when there’s a light that point to the back of the LCD panel you will see diagonal lines which makes this notebook amazing.

The built material of this Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG notebook seems to be very strong. The keyboard of Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG is quite comfortable, the keys feel soft when pressed. Also there is a backlight on the keyboard, so you dont have to worry when typing in the dark place, this backlight keyboard is automatically turn on.

Besides the keyboard, the track pad of  Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG also very good, it is very responsive. And also the palm rest area is wide enough, so typing the keyboard and touching the trackpad would be comfortable.

The sound quality of this Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG notebook is tend to have characteristics of treble. Like most notebook Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG also have HDMI port, D-Sub port, USB port (both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0), DVD drive, mic in, audio out, card reader slot, and on/off buton for wireless.

Inside this stylish notebook, there is an Intel Core i5-2410M processor, and for the graphics it uses dual (Hybrid) GPU which is AMD Radeon HD 6650 and Intel HD Graphic 3000. Hybrid means you can switch between this two GPU.

For example when you need high performance graphics (gaming, watching HD movie), you can choose the AMD Radeon HD 6650. Otherwise you can switch to the Intel HD Graphics 3000 for low power consumption (save the battery life).

Bottom line Sony Vaio VPCCA15FG is very good notebook/laptop, high performance, good built material, and also stylish design.

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