Toshiba Thrive (Regza) AT1S0 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Toshiba Thrive (Regza) AT1S0 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Today we’re going to compare two 7 inch android tablets from japan and korea, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.o plus GT-P6200 versus Toshiba Thrive AT1SO (also known as Toshiba Regza AT1SO in Japan). Which one is better? the japanese tablet or korean? let’s find out…

The Design

Comes with two colour selection, black and white, samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus is slimmer than toshiba thrive/regza AT1SO. The body of galaxy tab 7.0 plus is covered by silver trim, while the toshiba thrive covered by anti slip rubber on the back. Toshiba thrive almost looks like blackberry playbook from backside.

Speaking of weight, samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus is 55 grams lighter than the toshiba thrive, its probably because samsung is using plastic material. Toshiba thrive weight about 400 grams.

When you hold the toshiba thrive AT1S0 in landscape position, the volume button, screen lock, usb port, microSD slot, and HDMI port feels like in the right place and very comfortable to operate.

The Screen

Both samsung and toshiba are using 7 inch capacitive multi touch LCD screen, also both tablets are not equip with anti scratch display material, the gorilla glass.

Toshiba thrive have bigger resolution than samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus, 1280 x 800 pixels compare to 1024 x 600 pixels. The screen of toshiba thrive also brighter compare to samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus.

The pixel density of toshiba thrive is 216 ppi compare to samsung which only 170 ppi. Both tablet screen can output 65 million colour.

In term of screen quality and brightness toshiba thrive AT1S0 definitely wins over samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus.

The Hardware

Both samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and toshiba thrive AT1S0 are using dual core processor. On samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus the CPU is called Exynos, running at 1.2 Ghz, while toshiba thrive powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU running at 1 Ghz.

Both samsung and toshiba are equip with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. With this specs both tablets are capable of playing HD quality movie and games.

The Software

Android 3.2 honeycomb is the default operating system for both samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus and toshiba thrive AT1S0.

Although both tablets are using the same OS but the user interface are different. Samsung have better interface because they’re using their own customize user interface called samsung Touchwiz UX. While toshiba thrive seems to be using the default honeycomb user interface.

For toshiba thrive, inside the honeycomb you will get software like toshiba file manager, toshiba media player, think free (office application), evernote and amazon kindle.

And for samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus, you will get software such as polaris full (office application), readerhub, socialhub.

Samsung galaxy tab 7 plus and toshiba thrive AT1S0 probably will get official android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich this year (2012).

The Camera

On the back, toshiba thrive AT1S0 have 5 megapixels camera, while samsung only have 3.2 megapixels camera. But this doesn’t make toshiba have better photo quality. Surprisingly the 3.2 megapixels camera of samsung is better than the 5 megapixels that toshiba have, probably because of the camera of samsung is equip with flash.

For video recording both camera have equal performance, both can produce up to 720p HD video. The performance of front camera also consider equal, both toshiba and samsung have 2 megapixels front camera.

The Battery

Toshiba thrive AT1S0 have bigger battery capacity and of course they last longer than samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus. The battery of toshiba is 6 cell Li-ion 6500 mAh, while samsung only 4000 mAh.

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