Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) GT-I9300 vs HTC One X

Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) GT-I9300 vs HTC One X

On may 2012 samsung released new high-end android phone, the samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300. Equipped with the latest technology such as quad core processors, super AMOLED display, and android 4.0.3 ICS. To find out the performance of samsung galaxy S3, we’re going to compare it with another super smart phone, the HTC One X.Which one is better? Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X? let’s find out….

The Design

HTC one X comes with white coloured polycarbonate plastic body which feels slick on hands. While samsung galaxy S3 comes with glossy plastic body and silver bezel on the edges, samsung galaxy S3 also feels slick on hands.

The design of Samsung galaxy S3 is more flexible than HTC one X, on samsung galaxy S3 you can easily open the back cover to change battery and external memory. On the other hand HTC one X have unibody design which makes you unable to change battery and external memory (in fact HTC one X doesn’t have external memory).

HTC one X is 3 grams lighter than samsung galaxy S3, the weight of samsung galaxy S3 is 133 grams compared to HTC one X 130 grams. But HTC one X is more solid and steady than samsung galaxy S3.

To adjust volume up and down you can use the volume button on the left side for samsung galaxy S3 and right side on HTC one X. To charge the battery both super smart phones are using micro USB port which located on left side for HTC one X and on the bottom for samsung galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 HTC One X
136.6 mm 134.4 mm
70.6 mm 69.9 mm
8.6 mm 8.9 mm
133 grams 130 grams

The Screen

Samsung galaxy S3 is using 4.8 inches super AMOLED capacitive multitouch display with pentile matriks technology which consists of two sub pixels on every pixels. While HTC one X is using 4.7 inches second generation IPS LCD display which consists of three sub pixels on every pixels. Therefore, HTC one X have bigger sub pixels density 936 compared to only 612 on samsung galaxy S3.

But for the visual appearance of the screen, the super AMOLED display on samsung galaxy S3 is better than IPS LCD on HTC one X. The super AMOLED display is more clear and have wider view angle compared to IPS LCD. And also when we took the phones outside in daylight, the screen of samsung galaxy S3 perform better than HTC one X.

Both samsung galaxy S3 and HTC one X have the same screen resolution 1280 x 720 pixels, and also both screen can produce 16 million colours. For pixels density HTC one X is higher than samsung galaxy S3, it’s 312 ppi on HTC and 306 ppi on samsung.

For scratch protection, both samsung galaxy S3 and HTC one X are using the second generation of corning gorilla glass (gorilla glass 2).

The Hardware

As we all know, both samsung galaxy S3 and HTC one X are using quad core processors (that’s why they’re here). Samsung galaxy S3 equipped with the Exynos 4212 cortex A9 quad core CPU, while HTC one X comes with Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core CPU.

The clock speed of HTC one X is higher than samsung galaxy S3 with 1.5 Ghz, where samsung it’s only 1.4 Ghz, but this doesn’t mean that HTC one X can easily beat samsung galaxy S3 on benchmark.

For graphics HTC one X is equipped with nvidia geforce ULP GPU and for samsung galaxy S3 is equipped with ARM Mali-400MP GPU. Mali-400MP is the same GPU that other samsung’s high end phones are using like galaxy note and galaxy S2.

You might be think that mali-400MP is an old and outdated graphics, well you’re wrong…actually mali-400MP is really excellent GPU for mobile devices. First introduced in 2008, the mali 400-MP still performs well today against new GPU, like tegra 3 and adreno 320. Although mali 400-MP has been here for a very long time, it was well ahead of it’s time. And it still is i guess.

For RAM, both phones are equal, samsung galaxy S3 and HTC one X are using 1 GB RAM (probably DDR3). And for internal storage (ROM) samsung galaxy S3 comes with three different version 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of internal storage. And for HTC one X, the internal storage is 32 GB in total and 26 GB user available.

Note that HTC one X doesn’t have external memory slot (microSD slot) so you can’t add more space to it. But for samsung galaxy S3 you can add more storage because samsung galaxy S3 does have microSD slot.

The Software

Both Samsung galaxy S3 and HTC one X are using the same operating system, android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. For the user interface samsung galaxy S3 is using TouchWiz UX version 4.0, while the HTC one X is using HTC Sense UI also version 4.0.

To unlock the phone, on HTC one X you can move the ring which located at the bottom of the screen, and for samsung galaxy S3 you can swipe the screen to unlock.

Compared to HTC one X, samsung galaxy S3 have better features such as Smart stay, S-voice and Motion. Smart stay is feature that prevent the screen from being lock (standby) as long as the user still look at the screen. So for example, if you fell asleep the screen will automatically lock and the phone will be on standby mode.

S-voice is similar to siri on iphone, it’s a feature to command the phone using voice. For example you want to access the camera to take picture, you just simply say “i want to take a picture” or say “cheese” and the phone will ready to take picture. Besides english, S-voice also support for other languages like france, spain, korea, italy and germany.

Motion is a feature based on movement, for example you can put down the phone on backward to ignore incoming calls. You won’t find these features on HTC one X.

The Benchmark

The benchmark result shows that actually samsung galaxy S3 beat HTC one X on every benchmark that we do. The hardware on samsung galaxy S3 performs quite well despite the quad core CPU speed on samsung galaxy S3 is slower than HTC one X, plus the old graphics mali-400MP that samsung galaxy S3 have.

Samsung Galaxy S3 HTC One X
Antutu Benchmark 12070 points 11020 points
Quadrant Standard Benchmark 5363 points 4979 points
Nenamark 1 Benchmark 60.0 fps 56.3 fps
Nenamark 2 Benchmark 56.9 fps 47.5 fps


Samsung galaxy S3 is really a great smart phone (i would call it super smart phone). Comes with the latest android, quad core and super AMOLED display, samsung galaxy S3 is a beautiful phone. Samsung galaxy S3 not only performs better than HTC one X, but also have better features. It’s clear, that this super smartphone android battle is won by samsung galaxy S3.

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