Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs LG Optimus L3 E400

Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs LG Optimus L3 E400

Entry Level Gingerbread Battle

In 2012 samsung release galaxy pocket GT-S5300, an entry level android phone. And today we’re going to compare it with LG Optimus L3 E400, also an entry level android phone. We’re going to find out the performance of both phones. Which one is better? which one is worth to buy?


LG Optimus L3 E400 have square design with sharp edges, while samsung galaxy pocket comes with round design, small and compact.

From the appearance we can see that LG optimus L3 E400 have bigger dimension than samsung galaxy pocket, since LG is using bigger screen 3.2 inches compare to samsung only 2.8 inches.

From the side, LG optimus L3 E400 looks slimmer than samsung galaxy pocket, But actually LG optimus L3 E400 is heavier than samsung galaxy pocket, LG optimus L3 E400 weight about 110 grams while samsung galaxy pocket only 97 grams.

The design of LG optimus L3 E400 is more elegant compare to samsung galaxy pocket, we think that LG optimus L3 E400 suitable for mature people, while samsung galaxy pocket suited for young and dynamic people.


The CPU speed of samsung galaxy pocket is little bit faster than LG optimus L3 E400, it’s 832 mhz on samsung and 800 mhz on LG. Both CPU is an ARM processor architecture.

For graphics LG optimus L3 E400 are using better GPU with andreno 200, compare to the broadcom GPU of samsung galaxy pocket.

Not only graphics but also the RAM of LG optimus L3 E400 are better than samsung galaxy pocket. LG optimus L3 E400 have 384 MB of RAM, while samsung only 289.5 MB of RAM.

And for internal storage or ROM, samsung galaxy pocket have bigger capacity with total of 4GB ROM, but only 3GB are available for user. Compare to LG optimus L3 E400 with only 1GB of internal storage.

Both LG optimus L3 E400 and samsung galaxy pocket support for micro SDHC, so you can add storage capacity up to 32 GB.


Samsung galaxy pocket and LG optimus L3 E400 comes with the original android gingerbread 2.3.6 operating system. This is the lastest gingerbread operating system.

Like other samsung android phones, the samsung galaxy pocket also using TouchWiz UX user interface. And for LG are using the custom LG user interface.

Inside the gingerbread 2.3.6 you will get standard android apps like gmail, maps, google play, google search, google talk, voice search, youtube, etc.


For camera resolution LG optimus L3 E400 definitely wins over samsung galaxy pocket, LG have 3.15 mega pixels camera on the back, compare to samsung galaxy pocket with only 2 mega pixels camera.

But for the photo result, we can say that both camera have equal quality even though they both doesn’t have LED flash for low light photo shooting.

For video recording, both camera can only record VGA resolution video. Both phones are entry level android so don’t expect HD quality video here.

Both LG optimus L3 E400 and samsung galaxy pocket cannot play or record any HD quality videos.


Using the lastest antutu benchmark application, it shows that samsung galaxy pocket have better performance with 1897 points. While LG optimus L3 E400 only gets 1219 points.

It seems like the CPU and the internal storage of samsung galaxy pocket really performs well, makes higher score on the antutu benchmark.


If you’re looking for bigger screen, bigger camera resolution, bigger RAM, you should buy LG optimus L3 E400. Other than that if you like small design phones plus better hardware performance, you should consider samsung galaxy pocket GT-S5300. Just like the name, samsung galaxy pocket are really fit in your pocket. The price for both phones are relatively the same (around $120-$130 USD).

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3 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Pocket vs LG Optimus L3 E400

  1. KATE says:

    wow i like the information thanks

  2. shantharam says:

    The worst camera pics no hd version or any format to change it ..out of that LG e400 is ok but every one expect good camera feature must upgrade ….

  3. Basua says:

    Thank you very much.I gonna buy LG optimus L3

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