Ramos W10 Review

Ramos W10

Ramos W10 is a chinese android tablet with 7 inch resistive display (single touch only). Currently there are two different version of this tablet, the ramos W10 and W10 v2. The difference between this two version is on the RAM, ramos W10 have 512 mb DDR while the ramos W1o v2 only have 256 mb DDR.

Everything else is the same, both ramos W10 v1 and v2 equip with AMLogic AML8726-M Cortex A9 processor, the speed of this processor is 800 Mhz. The GPU (Graphics) of ramos W10 (v1 and v2) is Mali 400, this graphics is capable of playing High Definition content and 3D games.

Ramos W10 is not equip with phone function, which means there’s no 3G connection, you cannot make phone call or send sms from this tablet. For internet its using wifi 802.11 b/g, ramos w10 also have bluetooth connection (probably not available on the W10 v2).

Like other chinese tablet, ramos W10 also have USB OTG port, mini HDMI port, 3.5 mm audio port, G-sensor and micro SD slot (upto 32 GB). However you won’t find GPS and camera on this tablet.

The original OS of this tablet is android 2.2 frozen yoghurt (froyo) but its upgradable to android 2.3 gingerbread. But becareful that the rom for ramos W10 v1 may not works for the ramos W10 v2 since both have different RAM.

ROM / Firmware for Ramos W10 v1

  1. Ramos W10 Froyo 2.14 download
  2. Ramos W10 Froyo 2.22 download
  3. Ramos W10 Froyo 2.24 download
  4. Ramos W10 Gingerbread 2.3.4 download

How to upgrade ramos W10 firmware/rom :

  1. make sure your ramos W10 battery is full (or just plug it to the power)
  2. turn off your ramos W10 and take out the sd card
  3. erase or format your sd card
  4. extract the firmware you just download
  5. copy the firmware files you just extract to the sd card (dont put other files and dont put it on a folder)
  6. put your sd card back to the tablet
  7. press M button + Power Button (keep press the buttons until the upgrade start)
  8. wait until the upgrade is finish
  9. you can delete the firmware files on your sd card after your ramos w6hd has been updated

These are list compatible games for ramos W1o

  1. Need For Speed Shift android
  2. Asphalt 5
  3. Zenonia 3
  4. Lets Golf HD
  5. Equilibrium
  6. Fruit ninja
  7. Angry bird
  8. Skater boy
  9. Caligo chaser
  10. PES 2011 (but this game require multi touch)

Conclusion :

Ramos W10 is good for watching HD movie upto 1080p (full HD). While for games it is good for racing and RPG games since this tablet doesn’t support multi touch (single touch only).

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