Sony Xperia Miro ST23i Review

Sony Xperia Miro ST23i

Slightly above Sony Xperia Tipo, there is Sony Xperia Miro, which has larger screen, front facing camera, higher resolution camera on the back and equipped with LED flash. Here in this article we’re going review Sony Xperia Miro ST23i and see the performance of this ICS powered android smartphone.


Just like other sony phones, Sony Xperia Miro also comes with beautiful design. Sony really did well on making beautiful phones, no doubt about that. And if you look closer, the design of Sony Xperia Miro is almost looks like Xperia Go. The way they put the back camera and the LED flash are just like on Xperia Go.

Sony Xperia Miro measures 113 mm of height, 59.4 mm of width, and 9.9mm of thickness. While the weight of Sony Xperia Miro is 110 grams, so it’s not too heavy, in fact it’s quite light. When you hold it in your hands, it feels comfortable, not too small but not too big.

Sony Xperia Miro
Height 113 mm
Width 59.4 mm
Thickness 9.9 mm
Weight 110 grams

Sony Xperia Miro has two LED light notification, one at the top next to the earpiece and the other is at the bottom of the screen. This LED notification will blink for example when you receive phone call, text, or maybe someone comment on your facebook. There are seven colours of light available on this LED notification.

Sony Xperia Miro is made entirely from plastic materials, with rubber coating on the back, that will give more grip and also easy to clean if it gets dirt. Sony Xperia Miro comes with four different colour selections, black, black with pink bottom, white with silver bottom, and white with gold bottom.


Sony Xperia Miro has larger screen 3.5 inches compared to 3.2 inches on Xperia Tipo. But the screen resolution are the same for both phones, it’s HVGA resolution (320 x 480 pixels).

I try to compare Sony Xperia Miro with LG Optimus L5, and i found that LG Optimus L5 have brighter screen than Sony Xperia Miro, but the viewing angle is better on Sony Xperia Miro.

The screen on Xperia Miro also comes with scratch protection just like on Xperia Tipo, but on Miro it has an anti glare technology (anti reflective coating).

Compared with Xperia Tipo, the pixel density on Xperia Miro is lower, only 165 ppi, where on Tipo is 180 ppi. But Tipo has only 256 thousand colours, while Miro has 65 million colours.

Sony Xperia Miro
Screen size 3.5 inches
Screen type TFT LCD capacitive
Screen resolution 320 x 480 pixels
Pixel density 165 ppi
Colour 16 Million colours
Protection mineral glass anti scratch


There’s nothing special about the hardware inside Xperia Miro. You only get a single core CPU 800 mhz, 512 Mb of RAM, and Adreno 200 GPU. It’s the same hardware specs as Xperia Tipo.

Same as Xperia Tipo, Xperia Miro also capable of playing both 2D and 3D games, no doubt about that. With Adreno 200 graphics you can play almost every HD games available on google play.

But just like Tipo, you will not be able to play HD videos using Xperia Miro (i’m talking about hardware mode here). Any videos below 720p is playable on Xperia Miro.

Sony Xperia Miro
CPU Cortex A5 speed 800 mhz
GPU Adreno 200 (enhanced)
Chipset Qualcomm MSM7225A
RAM 512 MB
ROM 2.2 GB user available (4 GB total)


Just like Sony Xperia Tipo, the Xperia Miro also comes with android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box. It’s not the latest android but consider this is a budget phone, i think it’s okay. But it would be really nice if this phone comes with Jelly Bean.

Unlike Tipo, Xperia Miro comes with walkman application for music player. You won’t find walkman apps on Tipo, remember that. The music player on Xperia Miro is just the same as music player on sony high-end phones, such as Xperia Acro S and Xperia SL.

The bad thing is, when i play music and browse the web at the same time (or open other application), the music become lag, not smooth. I don’t know why this happen, but i never experience this on Xperia Tipo.

Xperia Miro also has a radio function, you can listen to your favorite radio station (FM radio) using built in radio application. And of course you have to plug-in the earphones, the earphones act as antenna to receives radio signal.

Xperia Miro also comes with xLoud technology (just like Tipo) which could make the sound louder, but i must say that the xLoud is much better on Xperia Tipo, the sound is louder on Tipo than Miro.


Sony Xperia Miro has 5 mega pixel camera on the back and 0.3 mega pixel (VGA) on the front. The back camera already equipped with LED flash for low lighting condition. This camera can zoom up to 4 times (digital zoom).

The quality of the back camera is very good i must say, the colours are natural and bright for both indoor and outdoor photo shooting. The photo result was great, the camera of Xperia Miro is very good.

The back camera also capable to record videos, and the result also quite good, but it can only record in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels). Since Xperia Miro has a front facing camera, you can make video calls using software like skype or google talk.

Sony Xperia Miro
Rear camera 5 mega pixels
LED flash yes
Video record VGA resolution at 30 fps
Front camera 0.3 mega pixels


The benchmark score of Sony Xperia Miro is little bit higher than Xperia Tipo, even though they both have the same hardware specs. For example antutu benchmark, Miro gets 2855 points, while Tipo only 2670 points.

Sony Xperia Miro
Antutu Benchmark 2855 points
Quadrant Standard Benchmark 1710 points
Nenamark 1 Benchmark 52 fps
Nenamark 2 Benchmark 16 fps


Sony Xperia Miro ST23i is really a beautiful and stylish android phone (that’s probably why you buy this phone). This phone maybe cool and stylish (with the fancy LED notification), but inside, the hardware are not so powerful, single core CPU 800 mhz + Adreno 200 GPU. Even though you can play HD games with these specs.

But with price around USD $200, you might want to consider other phones, like LG Optimus L5 for example, it has 4 inches screen (but same resolution as Miro) + running android ICS + same CPU and GPU as Xperia Miro.

You could even get a dual core phone at the same price range, the Xperia U comes with dual core CPU + mali 400MP GPU + USB OTG support, but lack of micro SD slot and still running gingerbread (ICS available as update).

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13 Responses to Sony Xperia Miro ST23i Review

  1. Pat says:

    nice review, the xperia miro ST23i is worth buying

  2. Israil Saifi says:

    Can we do skype video call using this phone? tell me admin if you sure?

  3. hrishi says:

    hi can i connect a dongle by using otg cable for sony xperia miro st23i. overall its a budget phone but would be more better with jelly bean……

  4. hrishi says:

    hi can i connect a dongle by using otg cable for sony xperia miro st23i. overall its a budget phone but would be more better with jelly bean……

  5. Cool! Hope I can buy this sony experia miro soon! thanks for the review.

  6. Priya says:

    Skype call is keep rejecting though internet connectivity is good. how to fix it ?

  7. Ilkin says:

    Salam kreditle elde elemek isteyirem bu telefonu.mumkunse,elaqe saxlayin.

  8. raj says:

    where i will get voice recorder in sony st23i

  9. MR/MRS no name says:

    I’ve got this phone but how do you make the volume louder mine only works on head phones :’(

  10. gie says:

    is it not difficult to text using this phone?? I was planning to buy this phone anytime tomorrow and i’m looking for its reviews

  11. bcp says:

    how can on camera flash light long time..
    please give me tips..

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