Sony Xperia J ST26i Review

Sony Xperia J ST26i Review

Sony Xperia J ST26i is another ICS powered smartphone from sony release in 2012. Sony Xperia J comes with 4 inches screen, single core 1 Ghz CPU, Adreno 200 GPU, and very unique design. Actually from the price range and hardware specs, Sony Xperia J is the equal match for LG Optimus L7. In this article we’re going to review Sony Xperia J and find out the performance of this smartphone.


As you can see Sony Xperia J has a very unique curve shape on the back, this curve shape makes your hand feels very comfortable when you holding it, and also makes the phone looks super stylish.

Sony Xperia J measures 124 mm of height, 61 mm width, and 9.2 mm of thickness. From the size Sony Xperia J is a lot bigger than Xperia Miro, so probably won’t fit well on your small pocket.

The weight of Sony Xperia J is 124 grams, it is little bit heavier than Sony Xperia Miro. But from the side Xperia J is actually slimmer than Xperia Miro. Here’s the measurement table of Sony Xperia J.

Sony Xperia J
Height 124.3 mm
Width 61.2 mm
Thickness 9.2 mm
Weight 124 grams

Just like Xperia Miro, Xperia J also has two LED light notification, one at the top left near the earpiece, and the other is at the bottom (the silver bezel). The bottom LED light notification will blink when there’s social networking activity, for example some one comment on your facebook status.

There are seven colours of light you can choose for this LED light notification based on the selected Xperia theme. The LED light notification is really nice feature, it will alert you for social networking activity (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc).


Sony Xperia J comes with 4 inches touch screen, and the resolution is FWVGA 854 x 480 pixels. The pixel density is quite high, 245 ppi, that means the screen is very bright and the viewing angle also very good.

The display of Xperia J not only bright and shinny but also equipped with anti-scratch technology, Corning gorilla glass. So you don’t have to worry the that touch screen will get ugly scratch marks.

Sony Xperia J
Screen size 4 inches
Screen type TFT LCD capacitive
Screen resolution 854 x 480 pixels
Pixel density 245 ppi
Colour 16 Million colours
Protection Gorilla glass


Sony Xperia J still using the same single core cortex A5 CPU just like Xperia Miro and Tipo, but with different clock speed. It’s 1000 mhz (1 Ghz) on Xperia J, where on Xperia Miro and Tipo, it’s only 800 mhz.

For graphics, RAM, and ROM, there’s nothing change. Xperia J using Adreno 200 GPU, 512 mb of RAM, and total 4 GB of internal memory (ROM), with 2.2 GB is the actual user available space.

So it’s only the processor speed that’s changed from Miro. That’s makes me wonder is it possible to overclock the CPU speed on Miro or Tipo to 1 ghz? Well, it would be outside the scope of this article.

Besides the CPU speed, battery capacity also upgraded from Miro/Tipo. Xperia J has 1700 mAh battery, compared with 1500 mAh on Miro/Tipo.

Sony Xperia J
CPU Cortex A5 speed 1000 mhz
GPU Adreno 200 (enhanced)
Chipset Qualcomm MSM7225A
RAM 512 MB
ROM 2.2 GB user available (4 GB total)


Sony Xperia J comes with android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 and Sony Timescape UI, just like Xperia Tipo and Miro. You will get 5 fix home screen (means you can’t add or remove) where you can put whatever widget you want on your phone.

There’s also overview mode where you can see all of your widget floating, and you can select one of them to get quick access. You can activate the overview mode by doing pinch on any of the five home screen.

Just like Xperia Miro and Tipo, Xperia J also has seven different themes that you can choose. These seven themes are; silk(white), turquoise (light blue), emerald (green), sapphire (blue), gold (yellow), rubby (pink), amethyst(purple).

Which themes you choose determine the colour of the LED light notification on the bottom (the silver bezel) of Xperia J. The LED light notification will blink when there is social networking activity.

For music player, just like Xperia Miro, Xperia J also comes with the Walkman music player. The music player is very smooth, there’s no lag issue like we found on Xperia Miro.

Besides the Walkman application, there’s also TrackID application which allow you to identify information about any song/music you play. It’s the same concept as Shazam application. TrackID also available on Xperia Miro and Tipo.


The hardware of Xperia J are not so powerful, but it is little bit better than Xperia Miro. And the benchmark result also show that Xperia J is slightly higher than Xperia Miro. Here’s the benchmark result table of Sony Xperia J.

Sony Xperia J
Antutu Benchmark 3427 points
Quadrant Standard Benchmark 2034 points
Nenamark 1 Benchmark 56 fps
Nenamark 2 Benchmark 19.3 fps


Sony Xperia J equipped with 5 megapixels camera on the back and 0.3 mega pixels (VGA) camera on the front. The 5 megapixels camera comes with LED flash and autofocus feature. You can zoom up to 4 times (digital zoom).

The quality of the camera is very good i must say, both for indoor and outdoor photo shoot. But for video recording the maximum resolution is only in VGA. The LED flash could also be use in video recording, so the video result would be bright.

Sony Xperia J
Rear camera 5 mega pixels
LED flash yes
Video record VGA resolution at 30 fps
Front camera 0.3 mega pixels


Sony always makes beautiful and stylish phones, and that includes Sony Xperia J. The super stylish design is the main attraction of Sony Xperia J. It’s probably the reason why you buy this phone.

Unfortunately inside this beautiful phones, the hardware are not so powerful, cortex A5 single core 1 Ghz (snapdragon S1) + Adreno 200 graphics. You won’t be able to enjoy your favorite HD movies with these kind of hardware specs (H/W rendering).

But for gaming you don’t have to worry, Sony Xperia J will be able to play most of HD games available on the Google Play Store. Because there are many games actually support Adreno 200 graphics.

Other phones you want to consider is LG Optimus L7, it has similar hardware but bigger screen 4.3 inches + NFC (the P705 model). For relativly same price you could also get Xperia Sola which has dual core CPU + Mali 400 GPU + NFC, but still running gingerbread (ICS available as update).

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3 Responses to Sony Xperia J ST26i Review

  1. amit says:

    Need to root my Xperia J. Please help.

  2. eaga says:

    i think gorilla glass screen on xperia j is much better than the one in sola and u

  3. fred knox says:

    I have had a experia J st26i for two months, the access to the internet failed and it was returned for repair. I have tried to access the voice commands and just find that I cannot receive them.!
    Anyone got a suggestion to remedy this situation, I would be very gratefull

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