Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini GT-i8190 is the mini version of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3. The SGS3 mini is intended to be the mid-range smartphone, not high end like SGS3. So, is it worth to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 mini? you may find the answer here in this review.


Just like the name, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini does look like Samsung Galaxy S3, same design and also same materials. But if you look closely, there are few details that’s different from Samsung Galaxy S3, like : front camera position, shape of the buttons, and LED flash position.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has the same materials as Samsung Galaxy S3, glossy plastic materials in the whole body (back and front), and plastic materials that looks like stainless steel in the bezel area.

The shape of Samsung Galaxy S3 mini also same like Samsung Galaxy S3. When you holding it in your hands, it feels comfortable, because the curvy shape. And just like S3, the S3 mini is also “design for humans” smartphone.

Overall, the design of Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is very good, feels same like Samsung Galaxy S3 but in a smaller size. The build quality is also good, even though this phone entirely made from plastic materials.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190
Height 121 mm
Width 63 mm
Thickness 9.9 mm
Weight 111 grams


Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has 4 inches display, super AMOLED type, the resolution is 800 x 480 pixels WVGA. Somehow this reminds me of Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S Advance.

The advantage of super AMOLED display is that the saturation and contrast level are high, also the viewing angles and the brightness level are very good. Even on direct sunlight, the display still have good visibility.

But the drawback is, for some people the colors of super AMOLED display are not natural. Because super AMOLED display only has two subpixels for each pixels, unlike RGB matrix which has three subpixels on each pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190
Screen size 4.0 inches
Screen type Super AMOLED
Screen resolution 800 x 480 pixels
Pixel density 233 ppi
Colour 16 Million colours
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini powered by dual core processors cortex A9, 1Ghz of speed. And for graphics processing, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini comes with Mali-400MP GPU. While for the chipset is NovaThor U8420, and the RAM is 1 GB.

So it’s totally different specs from the original Galaxy S3, only the GPU type and RAM size that same as with Galaxy S3. And of course the performance of Galaxy S3 mini would be a lot different from Galaxy S3.

Even though the hardware inside Galaxy S3 mini is half of Galaxy S3, but i didn’t experience any lag at all. Applications and games running very smoothly.

Unlike Galaxy S3 which has 2100 mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini only has 1500 mAh battery. But i think 1500 mAh should be enough for the dual core CPU, it may be last for one day.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190
CPU Dual Core Cortex A9 1Ghz
GPU Mali-400MP
Chipset NovaThor U8420
ROM 16 GB total


Samsung Galaxy S3 mini comes with android jelly bean 4.1.2 right out of the box. And of course it’s also comes with the latest TouchWiz UI. The user interface on Galaxy S3 mini looks exactly the same as Galaxy S3.

You can hear the sound of gurgling water every time you unlock the screen or click an icon, exactly same as Samsung Galaxy S3. The lock screen could be customize by adding newsticker for quick information access. You can add newsticker from TV stations, stock market, weather report, facebook or yahoo news.

From the lock screen you can quickly access the phone camera by doing touch gesture. All you have to do is touch the lock screen then tilt the phone to the left (landscape position).

If you open the notification bar, you will see the quick toggle menu, which enables you to quickly turn on/off wifi, gps, bluetooth, data network, sound, screen rotation, blocking mode, power saving and auto sync feature.

There are 7 pages of home screen on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, which you can put widgets and application shortcuts on it. And just like other jelly bean smartphones, the size of the widget could be changed smaller or bigger, it’s up to the user.

Because it’s android jelly bean, of course Samsung Galaxy S3 has google now feature. Google now is similar apps like siri on iphone, but google now is much more smarter and useful compared to siri. You can access recent apps, task manager and google now by pressing the home button.

Just like the “older brother” (Galaxy S3), Samsung Galaxy S3 mini also comes with smart stay feature, which can detect the eye of the user, as long as the user look at the screen, the phone will stay on. ”Smart stay” detects your eyes with the front camera so that the screen stays on when you’re looking at it.


Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has 5 mega pixels camera on the back which also comes with LED flash for low light photo shooting. The 5 mega pixels camera capable of recording HD video up to 720p resolution.

Again this reminds me of Samsung Galaxy S Advance, which has 5 mega pixels rear camera and 720p video recording too. What about the photo quality?

I must say, the camera quality on Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is not bad, i mean it’s just typical 5 megapixels smartphones. For most people this good enough. Of course you can’t compared with camera on SGS3, it’s completely different.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190
Rear camera 5 mega pixels
LED flash yes
Video record 720p(rear) at 30 fps
Front camera 0.3 mega pixels


Samsung Galaxy S3 mini manages to score 6378 points on antutu benchmark, and 2715 points on quadrant standard benchmark. And for graphics benchmark, Galaxy S3 mini could deliver 36 frame per second on Nenamark 2 benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT i8190
Antutu Benchmark 6378 points
Quadrant Standard Benchmark 2715 points
Nenamark 2 Benchmark 36 fps


There are many similarity between Samsung Galaxy S3 mini with Samsung Galaxy S Advance (same screen size, same screen type, same CPU-GPU, same camera).

Is it coincidence that Samsung Galaxy S3 mini has the same hardware specs with Samsung Galaxy S Advance?

I think, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is basically a Galaxy S Advance with new look (SGS3), new OS (jelly bean), and some new features. Thus the performance of Galaxy S3 mini is far from Galaxy S3.

SGS3 is high end smartphone, while the SGS3 mini is mid-range smartphone. So don’t expect Galaxy S3 performance on Galaxy S3 mini, it won’t happen, trust me.

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  1. AKASH says:

    i have Samsung s3 mini how i can opportunity of eye sensor just like s4.

  2. AKASH says:

    How i can get opportunity on my Samsung s 3 mini of eye sensor just like s 4

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