Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810 Review

Hi everyone, today i’m going to review one of the latest entry level android smartphone from samsung, the samsung galaxy fame also known as GT-S6810. We’re going to see the performance of samsung galaxy fame compared with other entry level smartphones.


Samsung galaxy fame has similar design with samsung galaxy s3 mini, it has the same plastic bezel that’s look like metal and also the same curve shape.

Basically samsung galaxy fame has premium look and feel just like the galaxy s3 mini, but in smaller size of course.

I love the design and shape of samsung galaxy fame, it feels good when you’re holding it, very comfortable in hands.

Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810
Height 113.2 mm
Width 61.6 mm
Thickness 11.6 mm
Weight 120.6 grams


Samsung galaxy fame has 3.5 inches touch screen display, HVGA resolution (320 x 480 pixels) and very low pixel density 165 ppi.

Honestly the display of samsung galaxy fame is really bad, colors look bad and the fonts is ugly. The screen is the main drawback of this smartphone.

Compared with other entry level smartphones such as sony xperia tipo or even samsung galaxy young s6310, both phones has much much better display.

I think samsung’s decided to sacrifice the screen quality for cheaper price on this smartphone, which for me it’s something that unacceptable.

Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810
Screen size 3.5 inches
Screen type TFT LCD
Screen resolution 320 x 480 pixels
Pixel density 165 ppi
Color 256k colors
Protection no


Samsung galaxy fame equipped with single core processor, 1 Ghz of speed, a broadcom chipset, broadcom GPU called video core IV HW, and 512 mb of RAM.

Samsung galaxy fame has 4 GB of internal storage with only 1.95 GB user available space, the rest of it goes to the android system.

Luckily samsung galaxy fame has SD card slot and this SD card slot is hot swappable, means you can put on and remove the SD card without having to remove the battery.

Another weakness of this phone is that the battery run out quickly, samsung galaxy fame only has 1300 mAh Li-ion battery.

Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810
CPU Single Core 1Ghz
GPU Broadcom video core IV HW
Chipset Broadcom BCM21654G
ROM (storage) 4GB (1.95GB user available)


Samsung galaxy fame comes with android jelly bean 4.1.2 right out of the box which is not the latest jelly bean but it’s okay. The UI of samsung galaxy fame called TouchWiz nature NX (i think).

Samsung galaxy fame also inherits motion feature like galaxy s3 mini, there are two motion feature available. Shake to update while scanning bluetooth and turn over the phone to mute/pause incoming calls.

Since this is a jelly bean smartphone, of course it has google now feature, google now is personal assistant like SIRI on iphone. Samsung galaxy fame also comes with several pre-installed apps which is i found very useful in my daily life.

Basic apps like Memo, S-Planner, Voice recorder, My files (file manager), clock (stopwatch,timer,alarm,world clock) are very useful. I know that i can download similar apps on google play for free, but free app comes with advertisement which is annoying.

So it is good to have several pre-intalled apps with full functionality, i think the software is one of the key feature of samsung galaxy fame.


Samsung galaxy fame has 5 mega pixels camera on the back and 0.3 mega pixels on the front. The rear camera equipped with LED flash and autofocus.

For video recording, it can record VGA resolution videos at 30 frame per seconds. Samsung galaxy fame has no dedicated camera button.

The quality of the camera is okay for entry level smartphone, there’s nothing special about the camera of samsung galaxy fame.

But the camera of samsung galaxy fame has one unique feature, the touch to focus feature which usually available on high end device.

Other than the touch focus feature there is nothing special about the camera, the quality is just standard for entry level smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810
Rear camera 5 mega pixels
LED flash yes
Video record VGA at 30 fps
Front camera yes


Samsung galaxy fame GT-S6810 gets 6328 points on antutu benchmark which is higher than sony xperia j, xperia e, xperia miro, and xperia tipo.

And for quadrant standard, galaxy fame gets 1974 which is lower than xperia j, but little bit higher than xperia miro and xperia e.

While for graphics benchmark, samsung galaxy fame manage to run nenamark 1 benchmark on 53.7 frame per seconds, and 26.6 fps for nenamark 2 benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810
Antutu Benchmark 6328 points
Quadrant Standard Benchmark 1974 points
Nenamark 1 Benchmark 53.7 fps
Nenamark 2 Benchmark 26.6 fps


Samsung galaxy fame is a good looking entry level/budget smartphone that comes with complete features (front camera, LED flash, *NFC, wifi direct, jelly bean, google now, etc) but with bad display/screen quality.

If you okay with the screen quality i think samsung galaxy fame is perfect for you, in my opinion you will love this phone if you came from feature phone or lower specs smartphones.

Is samsung galaxy fame good for gaming?? no for heavy games but yes for casual or lightweight games. Games like tiny thief, temple run 2, cut the rope, where’s my water, world of goo are working well on galaxy fame.

If you already have samsung galaxy fame and you’re looking for tips tricks for this phone be sure to visit they have everything you need.

* NFC is available only for GT-S6810P model

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