LG Optimus L9 P765 Review

LG Optimus L9 P765 Review

LG Optimus L9 is currently the highest off all LG L-series smartphones. LG Optimus L9 is considered as mid-range android smartphones. But it has features that almost equal with high-end android smartphones, like : big and bright screen, full HD video recording and full HD video playback, NFC connectivity, big battery capacity, etc. In this article i’m going to review LG Optimus L9 and see all the features of this smartphone.


The design of LG Optimus L9 is very similar with other LG L-series (L3, L5, L7) and also LG Prada. LG Optimus L9 is a slim and stylish smartphone, the thickness is only 9.1 mm. The weight of LG Optimus L9 is 125 grams, so it’s not too heavy, in fact it’s very light i think.

Since it’s has 4.7 inches screen, the dimension of LG Optimus L9 is very big. It’s almost the same size as Samsung Galaxy S3 if you put them side by side. I personally don’t really love big phones, i like phones that could be carried on my pocket. But if you’re a big phones fans, you’re gonna love Optimus L9.

LG Optimus L9 P765
Height 131.9 mm
Width 68.2 mm
Thickness 9.1 mm
Weight 125 grams


LG Optimus L9 (the P760 and P765 model) has 4.7 inches touchscreen display, while the P769 model (US market) has 4.5 inches screen.

The other difference is that the P760 and P765 doesn’t comes with gorilla glass 2 for screen protection. While the P769 comes with gorilla glass 2 and has little bit higher pixel density (245 ppi).

So be very careful if you have the Optimus L9 P765 or P760 model, the touchscreen is not protected, a slight scratch will leave marks.

Unlike high end smartphones, LG Optimus L9 doesn’t have auto brightness feature, so you have to manually adjust the brightness level.

In my opinion, LG Optimus L9 should have higher screen resolution, i think qHD resolution (540 x 960 pixels) is too small for a 4.7 inches screen.

But despite all that, i must say the display quality of LG Optimus L9 is quite good, the IPS LCD panel performs quite well.

LG Optimus L9 P765
Screen size 4.7 inches
Screen type IPS LCD
Screen resolution 540 x 960 pixels
Pixel density 234 ppi
Color 16 million colors
Protection no


LG Optimus L9 powered by dual core processors Cortex A9, clock speed 1 Ghz. For the graphics, Optimus L9 equipped with powerVR SGX540 GPU and 1 GB of RAM. And the chipset of this smartphone is Texas Instruments TI OMAP 4430.

Actually the hardware specs of LG Optimus L9 are the same as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 and P5100. It’s basically the same CPU, GPU, chipset and RAM size, so i can say that the performance of LG Optimus L9 could be equal with Samsung’s tablet.

With the hardware performance of a tablet, plus big screen 4.7 inches, LG Optimus L9 must be consumes a lot of power, thankfully LG Optimus L9 comes with huge battery capacity 2150 mAh.

But the bad thing is, even though it has huge battery capacity, the fact is the battery run out quickly. Theoretically with that huge battery capacity LG Optimus L9 could last for two days. But that’s not what happen, may be a firmware upgrade could fix this problem.

LG Optimus L9 P765
CPU Dual Core Cortex A9 1 Ghz
GPU PowerVR SGX540
Chipset TI OMAP 4430


LG Optimus L9 comes with android 4.0.4 ICS right out of the box, and it’s not the latest operating system. I think new phones should comes with jelly bean right out of the box.

Even though it’s still running ICS, but the user interface of LG Optimus L9 is really good, i love it, it’s beautiful. The user interface of LG Optimus L9 is actually same as the UI in LG Optimus 4x and Optimus Vu.

For the lock screen you can choose between face unlock, swipe, pattern, PIN, or password. On the lock screen you can also put clock, widget or shortcut for quick access.

There are many customization that you can do, for example you can choose themes, like : Optimus, Biz, Cozywall, and Marshmallow. Also you can choose the transition effect when you navigate between the menu and homescreen, like : Breeze, Panorama, Carousel, etc.

LG Optimus L9 comes with several preinstalled software/apps such as : polaris office, LG smartshare, LG smartworld, LG TV, gmail, google plus, youtube, android browser, etc. There’s some apps that you can remove/uninstall and some can’t be remove.

The application icons on LG Optimus L9  are very customizable. You can change the order of the icons, change the size, or even take picture and use it as application icon, amazing.

Other great feature on LG Optimus L9 is the quick memo (handwriting), unlike the memo/note on Galaxy Note, quick memo on Optimus L9 is easy to access. To open the quick memo, all you have to do is open the notification bar, and you can write anything you want.

There are several mode you can choose for the quick memo, like : pen, markers, and stabilo. The quick memo of LG Optimus L9 is not as accurate as memo/note in Samsung Galaxy Note, but it works just fine.

There is also quick translate feature on LG Optimus L9 which enables you to scan (using the rear camera) word or sentence and get the translation. This feature needs internet access to get the translation.


LG Optimus L9 P765 has 5 mega pixels camera on the back, while other model the P768 and P769 has 8 mega pixels camera. Even though it’s only 5 mega pixels, but the quality of the camera is quite good.

For both indoor and outdoor photo shooting the result was good, the colors are bright and natural. The 5 mega pixels camera could also record full HD videos 1080p.

But one thing that really annoying is that the autofocus is very slow, you have to wait few seconds to get it done. Not only that, it’s also quite difficult to get the autofocus working on close object.

The rear camera of LG Optimus L9 capable of zoom up t0 4 times (4x digital zoom), not very impressive, but i think it’s okay.

The camera of LG Optimus L9 has one unique feature that i don’t see in other smartphones, you can use voice command to take pictures. For example you say “cheese”, and the camera will automatically take picture.

Besides the word “cheese”, you can also say “smile”, “whisky”, “kimchi”, and “LG” to take pictures. So now you don’t need the camera button anymore, in fact LG Optimus L9 doesn’t have dedicated camera button.

LG Optimus L9 P765
Rear camera 5 mega pixels
LED flash yes
Video record 1080p (rear) at 30 fps
Front camera 0.3 mega pixels


Here’s the benchmark result of LG Optimus L9, the dual core processors manage to scores 5453 on antutu benchmark, and 3133 on quadrant standard benchmark. For graphics benchmark, the powerVR SGX540 GPU gets 30.8 frame per seconds. And for web browser performance, Optimus L9 scores 2026.2 ms on Sun Spider benchmark.

LG Optimus L9 P765
Antutu Benchmark 5453 points
Quadrant Standard Benchmark 3133 points
Nenamark 2 Benchmark 30.8 fps
SunSpider 0.9.1 Benchmark 2026,2 ms


LG Optimus L9 is not a LG’s flagship phone, but it has the luxurious look and feels just like high end smartphones. It also has great features just like high-end phones, for example like; quick memo, quick translate, cheese shutter, etc. LG has done good works on the ICS 4.0.4 of Optimus L9.

But one thing that make us confuse is the fact that Optimus L9 has several models, LG Optimus L9 P760, P765, P768, and P769. So what’s the difference between these models? Here’s a quick look of it :

  • LG Optimus L9 P765 : 4.7 inches screen, 5 mega pixels camera, no gorilla glass.
  • LG Optimus L9 P769 : 4.5 inches screen, 5 mega pixels camera, gorilla glass 2, LTE 4G
  • LG Optimus L9 P768 : 4.7 inches screen, 8 mega pixels camera, no gorilla glass

Each country could have different model, for example the P769 is available for US market, while P760, P765 available for asia market and probably european market too, P768 available for australia market.

Last words, if you have been dreaming of owning high end smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S3 for example, but you don’t have enough money, LG Optimus L9 could be the alternative. Be a smart buyer!

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  1. iraj chacko says:

    Good review
    but i just wanted to know one more information regarding this phone (LGP765 )
    whether it is having notification light ?

    please confirm

    iraj chacko

  2. magnumns says:

    Do all models (760 765 768 769) have NFC? I can’t find this info on LG website…

  3. Arun Kumar A says:

    Plz let me know where can I have the touch glass and body case of my LG optimus L9 P768 be changed in India.I bought it from UAE early this month and got accidently fell down.Apart from the breakage on the touch panel,everything works just fine.please respond.
    Arun Kumar.A

  4. royvennattu says:

    it is good, handy phone but should have been better with tortilla glass and. an efficient battery.

  5. royvennattu says:

    it is good, handy phone

  6. dcdf says:

    no fm radio

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